Kromanauts are a group from the DMV with a sound that mixes Reggae with Funk, Rock, HipHop, and Electronic. Thank You for listening. Kromanauts Love You.

Dior Ashley Brown & The dAb Band

Native Washingtonians and products of Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts, The dAb band is a live soul filled combustion of Hip Hop, Funk, GoGo, and Jazz. Lead by Dior Ashley Brown’s vocals and lyrics, Turk Gaines on keys, David Suggs on drums, and James McCreavy on bass. The quartet’s goal is to revive the appreciation of live instrumentation combined with substantive Hip Hop storytelling motivated by Dior Ashley Brown’s Lyricism that inspires and motivates the audience.

Cruddy Crankerz

The Cruddy Crankerz are an alternative band that plays rock, rap, r&b, blues, metal, spoken word and more. Oh by the way did we mention they are married? If you have never heard Crudd Rock or Gutta Blues before, allow me to welcome you to the land of Cruddynesia! This band also owns Cruddy Rite Radio, an all indie internet station.



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