Ignite the Fire

Ignite the Fire

Paradrei is an alternative, grunge band that is known for their raw storytelling and visceral performance. The trio from Lancaster, PA has been playing sold out shows in the Mid-Atlantic in support of the release of their full length “Deep | Alive” – a vivid and emotional embrace of the anger, sadness, and uncertainty of those feelings that come with the struggle of depression and anxiety.

With influences in 90s grunge, punk, and noise, Paradrei unapologetically brings everything to the table from heavy grooves to complex dynamics. The band’s tonal homebase being slightly off centered from “perfection” creates this growing underlying tension that is characteristic of their explosive sound.

“Deep Alive” – the band’s 3rd release – follows the release of “The Black the Sun” and “In Threes” and marks the band’s first full length, major work.

$10.00 - $12.00


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