Fever Dolls

Fever Dolls

Fever Dolls is a multimedia varietal experience drawing on the hottest and freshest sounds in modern sensory consumption...all in stereo. A new kind of variety hour, one that lasts twenty-four hours a day & seven days a week. Part flesh, part felt, and packed with heart, Fever Dolls is still the funniest and freshest show in Burlington, Vermont!

Clever Girls

Clever Girls is a band formed in and based out of Burlington, Vermont. Robert Slater’s deft ability to interpret rhythm alongside bassist, Tobias Sullivan are invaluable, while Diane Jean’s soulful voice and raw, personal songwriting abilities combined with Holt’s effortless guitar work have created a recipe for what Redline Roots have called a “delicate balance” between soft and vulnerable, or a rock and roll raucous. On March 7th, 2017, they released their debut EP which you can stream exclusively on Bandcamp. The record has been described as heartbreaking; a "grungy collection of attitude and emotion that hits hard…but hits so damn good.

Wild Leek River

Outlaw Country Rock N Roll


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