Monday Night Residency - Harriet Brown x NTS

Harriet Brown

Born in the air of paradise, Harriet Brown has descended from the heavens to join in on the wild rhythms of our Lady Earth. Come partake in his entry to this new world, and witness his paradisiacal sounds and sensual vibes. Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, and brazen vocals are unified through the mind and body of one man, generating a sound in which the past becomes the future; Harriet Brown is creating a new kind of romantic funk. His journey has just begun, and he seeks to share himself with all who are willing to receive. So come and get freaky with your very own Harriet Brown. It’s a New Era.

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Callie Ryan

HEALTH is a tender meditation on loss and the resulting desire for comfort - be it familial, physical, emotional or romantic.

In October of 2016, Callie fractured her collarbone in a frightening car accident, supported her father through a cancer scare, and experienced the extreme loss felt by her community following the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. HEALTH was created in the wake of these events. While these swells of loss brought about the popping of an imagined safety bubble, and a new presence of fear and vulnerability, they also birthed the rapid realization that she needed to slow down, release control and replace it with calm-confidence and gratitude. It is an exploration of home, nostalgia, gratitude, fear and the manifestation of anxieties. It documents Callie's journey of discovering her feminine sexuality, as well as the grounding effects of partnership, and the intimate exchanges between loved ones.

Throughout HEALTH, Callie utilizes field recordings of her loved ones and her home, exploring the idea that nostalgia, sadness, and familial warmth can be felt without context of whose voice you're listening to. HEALTH aims to prove that love, vulnerability and fear are guttural instincts, universally shared.


Callie is a Los Angeles based electronic musician and vocalist who creates textured compositions with a vulnerable and intentional foundation whilst aiming to invoke feelings of tenderness and self-reflection. Her projects document the search for a balance between the masculine and feminine, as well as presenting fluid feelings of ever-changing physical, emotional, and sexual anxieties and gratitudes alike. Exploring our abject and unaddressed internal anatomical systems and their connection to our feelings and actions is a core foundational brick for Callie's compositions. She works to express tangible gut responses through emotive and detail-oriented sonic production.

Callie is a resident DUBLAB DJ, and has performed alongside artists such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Sage Caswell, Kelman Duran, Aisha Devi, Loscil, Leech, Violence, Daedelus, Jimmy Tamborello (DNTEL), and more. She is currently working on her first score for the feature film, LADYWORLD, directed by Amanda Kramer, and preparing to release her debut record, HEALTH, via Los Angeles based label, OUTSIDE INSIGHT, coming out on March 28th 2018.

ana roxanne

southeast asian devotional music. an offering to the romantics, spirit people, and the great R&B divas of the 20th century.

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