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Foxes In Fiction

Foxes in Fiction began as a audio sample collage and noise project that I started at the age of 15 while living in the Toronto suburb of Oakville, prompted by a love of tape machines, field recordings and digital audio manipulation. The project's ambitions and intentions shifted in 2008 following the death of my 16 year-old brother. The new direction of Foxes in Fiction sought out to combine elements of pop music, compositional experimentalism, looped and ambient music in an effort to create a listening experience that provided people with a deeply comforting and psychological healing effect, similar to experiences I had with certain kinds of music while I was grieving. Even though I call this kind of music 'healing pop', but I don't think or expect my music is specifically limited to these kinds of personal experiences, in the end it's just pop music 🙂

Felicia Douglass

Felicia Douglass is an artist born and raised in New York. She is best known for her work in Ava Luna as well as Gemma, a recent collaboration with producer Erik Gundel. She has also contributed vocals to a vast range of projects, including Toro Y Moi, Mr Twin Sister, and Sinkane. On her own, she writes subdued synth pop with soothing melodies over wandering synth lines and tropical rhythms.



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