Dangerous Toys*SinFix*Messiahvore*ViperWitch And Two Minutes Darker

Dangerous Toys

Hard-Rock band with often humorous lyrics, from Austin, Texas, USA. Founded in 1987.

Current Line-up:
Jason McMaster: Vocals
Paul Lidel: Guitar
Scott Dalhover: Guitar
Mike Watson: Bass
Mark Geary: Drums

Former Members:
Tim Trembley: Guitar
Danny Aaron: Guitar
Kevin Fowler: Guitar




Birthed into existence through the gates of Oblivion, this story begun its lore.

Lynx the Huntress, after a night of innumerable libations in her cold dark sanctum once again finding her self in loneliness, anger and regret. She yearned for the days of yore when heavy metal meet steal and the term “hard as nails” was a way of life. Everyone had forgotten, life was now easy and mankind became soft. The Thunder Domes were torn down, going Viking was now illegal. People ate kale and fermented mushroom drink and even the women became operatic and dainty. She had nothing to hunt, nothing to feel and counted the days till the mead took her away from this fragile world. Her days as a mercenary found her soulless and far from her path.

Yet, someone was listening… something that night…something dark and lustful for the same things. Almost the same….

This beast , thrown to the void, a name long lost, but its role in the constant terror and the eventual annihilation of the cosmos, the Viperwitch appears.

It heard her calls and answered. Yet , Lynx was not the only soul in desolation and spiritual turmoil that night. In secret silence The Viperwitch whispered to her the 3 names whom also unknowingly took part under the fateful full moon, its eventual rein over the sacred land if not meet with steel and fury would once again call this its domain of death and sorrow.

Lynx went forth seeking these three legendary beast. From the cold deserts, to the concrete wasteland and the red sea she found the legendary Wolf of Battle Cadence, The Siren of Strings and Screams and lastly The Demon from Hellfire. This is their metal and this is their legend.

Two Minutes Darker

Tiffany Armstrong - Vocals
Sy MacRae - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Stevyl Reed - Guitar/Vocals
Johny Fysh - Guitar
Bruno Pazink - Bass
Chris Lycan - Drums



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