A Fun and Cool Evening with Sean Bonnette of AJJ

AJJ is a band from Phoenix, Arizona. We try our best.

There's only two people in Shellshag. Shell and Shag. Shell plays guitar and sings while Shag plays drums standing up and also sings. She has bells sewn on her belt and ankles, so there's lots of frantic wiggling to coax the noise out of them. They both sing into a mic stand they built themselves that's shaped like a Y, so they face each other while they play. They're known for putting on shows that bring the house down, sometimes literally. You can always expect some crowd surfing, things being thrown across the room, and the singing along that sometimes threatens to drown them out. The end of their show usually results in the two of them either building a sculpture out of their instruments, amps, and themselves, or completely smashing Shag's drums. -Johnny No Pants Maximum Rock and Roll

Shellshag run and own Starcleaner Records.

Glambat (solo)

cry next to the fish tank

be aggressively delightful

don't buy levi jeans



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