Murdock, Cook Thugless, Jonny Wolf, DAZED, Lord Baltimore

Murdock is a experimental Hip-Hop/Theatre artist from Jersey City, NJ. Specializing in mental health advocacy, Murdock allows listeners into his own personal struggles through his music and conceptual albums.

Blending hip-hop, jazz, electronic, rock, and even orchestral with animated verses influenced by Shakespeare and odd meters, Cook Thugless is raising the stakes when it comes to DIY-bedroom-rap. Meeting on the Cook/Douglass campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, the motley crew of young men began recording demos in bedrooms between classes, eventually to become their debut album “Space,” released April of 2013. Cook Thugless congealed over the course of a year into a 7-piece live band and began playing shows throughout the notorious New Brunswick basement show scene. Fronted by two classically-trained-actors-turned-rappers and backed by a seasoned mix of punk rockers and band nerds, Cook Thugless would eventually expand their base and now play throughout the tri-state area.

May cause dizziness..

Lord Baltimore (Jack Doyle) is a Maryland-born, Brooklyn-based bass player and producer seeking to hybridize alternative and electronic genres in his live performances. He was recently tapped to be a featured artist on Bonaventure’s 88.3 WSBU, the highest-rated college radio station in the nation; additionally, his track “Antiheroes” was ranked #2 on publication Metalhead Community’s “Top Alternative Songs” playlist. “Antiheroes” is the lead single off of his first E.P., “Duende”, the first of a series of three E.P.s inspired by the artistic theories of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Trained in classical Shakespearean acting at the Globe Theatre in London, Doyle seeks to call on his background in dramatic storytelling in all of his musical output.

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