Sheer Mag

A tear in the firmament.
Beyond the noxious haze of our national nightmare - as structures of social justice and global progress topple in our midst - there lies a faint but undeniable glow in the distance.
What is it?
Like so many before us we are drawn to the beacon. But only by the bootstraps of our indignation do we go so boldly into the dark to find it.
And so Sheer Mag has let the sparks fly since their outset, with an axe to grind against all that clouds the way. A caustic war cry, seething in solidarity with all those that suffer the brunt of ignorance and injustice in an imbalanced system.
Both brazen and discrete, loud yet precise, familiar but never quite like this - SHEER MAG crept up from Philadelphia cloaked in bold insignia to channel our social and political moment with grit and groove. Cautious but full of purpose.
What is it?
By making a music both painfully urgent and spiritually timeworn, SHEER MAG speak to a modern pain: to a people that too feel their flame on the verge of being extinguished, yet choose to burn a bit brighter in spite of that threat.
With their debut LP, the cloak has been lifted. It is time to reclaim something that has been taken from us. Here the band rolls up their sleeves, takes to the streets, and demands recompense for a tradition of inequity that’s poisoned our world. However, it is in our ability to love - our primal human right to give and receive love - that the damage of such toxicity is newly explored.
Love is a choice we make. We ought not obscure, neglect, or deny that choice. Through the tumult and the pain, the camaraderie and the cause, the band continues to burn a path into that great beyond.
But where are we headed?
On NEED TO FEEL YOUR LOVE, they makes their first full-length declaration of light seen just beyond our darkness. Spoken plainly, without shame:
It is love.
This - is SHEER MAG.

The Smarthearts

What is that unaccountable sound?
What is that puzzling beat?
What is that furious rhythm?
Is it Perennial?
Q: When was Perennial formed
A: Perennial was formed in 2015.
Q: Where is Perennial from?
A: Perennial is from New England.
Q: Who is Perennial?
A: Perennial is Chelsey, Chad, and Wil.
Q: What is the title of Perennial’s first album.
A: The title of Perennial’s first album is ‘The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves’.
Q: What is Perennial’s message?
A: Punk for the Mods. Liberation rhythm for the right side of history.
Clamor in the midnight hour.
What is that inexplicable din?
What is that peculiar tempo?
What is that uncanny racket?
It is Perennial.

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