Alex-Palooza feat. The Speaks + Wandering Lies + Casual War + DJ Accurit


All proceeds for this show will go to benefit our friend and brother, Alex Cabellon, who is fighting cancer.

The Speaks

A talented, and charismatic five-piece band from the Washington, DC area- The Speaks have shattered stereotypes, making believers out of naysayers, and acquiring legions of new fans every single step along the way. From winning every major music competition they’ve entered, to rocking crowds of 25,000+ people, to garnering over 5 million hits on YouTube and gaining major support from DC101 (one of the most influential radio stations in the country) – The Speaks became a staple of the DC metro area and an overseas sensation in Asia.

The Speaks’ amazing live performances and infectious sound have created a loyal and dedicated following within the local, national, and international music scene – with fans all across the world from the DC to Manila to Dubai. From their debut on DC101 in May 2003, their undeniable talent and hard working mentality has helped them extend their reach to a global scale. In 2005 The Speaks signed a distribution, production and publishing deal with Warner Music (Asia) with the album release in the Philippines. The band is notably remembered for their hit songs "High" and "Life's A Joke". The song "High" was ranked in the Top 40 in the Philippines (it was the no. 1 single for seven weeks), while "Life's A Joke" stayed on the Top 30 for almost 6 months in the Philippines in 2005. Their album, according to the Manila Bulletin, debuted and remained as number one on the Filetopia online radio station in the United Kingdom. The album, entitled This is the Time was a hit in Asia radio charts (including Magic 89.9's Final Countdown, and in the Top 20 of 97.1 WLS-FM), and the album's title track reached the Top 15 in the United States. Their music videos have been featured on MTV Asia and MYX. The Washington Post declared the band as one of the Top 5 bands in 2009.

The Washington, D.C.-based band won competitions such as the JAXX "World's Largest Battle of the Bands" (2003), the DC Hard Rock Café/SoBe "Ultimate Altitude Buzz" Battle of the Bands Finals (2003), and the DC 101 "Last Band Standing" competition (2004).

Wandering Lies

Wandering Lies is a female-fronted rock band based out of the Washington, DC Metro area. By combining their do-it-yourself work ethic, and unwavering dedication with a signature sound, singer Angie Pepa, rhythm guitarist Noli Conty, lead guitarist David Chaletzky, bassist Myk Menez, and Drummer Jason Brooks are paving their own road to success.

Their debut 5 song EP was recorded at the legendary Bias Studios (Dave Mathews Band, Chuck Brown, Mary Chapin Carpenter, The O'Jays) in Springfield, VA, produced by Ken Barnum (33 West, Ballyhoo, The Pie Tasters), and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Ringo Starr, The Arctic Monkeys, Marilyn Manson).

Wandering Lies has been featured in Northern Virginia Magazine, Artists Reach, and Sea of Tranquility.

"The glory days of female-fronted Grunge and today’s more appealing Alternative/Rock efforts has made an epic crossbreed under a group collective called Wandering Lies. This band brings all the goods: exceptional songwriting structures, non-repetitive vocal rasps and lyrical outbursts, grungy and crunchy guitar riffs and Amp EQs, and apresence and sound that is the farthest thing from a letdown. If they stick to this signature sound, then they have no worries in the least. Because a band with a sound like Wandering Lies is a rare find, and a real gem of a discovery; and I can’t stress that enough." --- Justyn Brodsky, Artist Reach

There's a rare but rewarding treat for music scribes: Very occasionally we'll witness a garage band that actually grows into a remarkably mature act with a dedicated following and the potential to move into the big leagues. From the beginning Wandering Lies has worked relentlessly to perfect their craft – rethinking and reworking and refining their all-original tracks, yet never losing the passion and the raw emotion that was their genesis. The result is an act that must surely be on the brink of considerable commercial success. The style is a grungy, female-fronted, alternative rock. There's an organic 2-guitar / bass / percussion lineup with no keys and, mercifully, no electronica. At the heart of the music is front-woman and occasional third guitarist Angie, whose heart is unashamedly exposed on her sleeve and whose raw expressive delivery defines every track. Key to the instrumentation is a drum-tight rhythm section, offset with pleasing solos and fluid guitar work. It's a timeless classic sound yet Wandering Lies manages to keep it relevant to the modern era. The garage band has emerged from its chrysalis. The songwriting is solid, the EP is professionally engineered, the band's stage performances are impressive, and the sum of the parts is a rewarding listen that will please discerning music fans. Don't be surprised if you see Wandering Lies in a stadium near you sooner than later. -- Duncan Glenday, Sea of Tranquility

Casual War

Hailing from the District of Columbia, Casual War is quickly becoming a staple in the local music scene. Since the release of their self-titled demo in March of this year, Casual War has been making a name for themselves through their powerful performances. Their captivating dark indie sound flooded with pyschedelic guitar riffs and brooding emotional vocals, is reminiscent of heavier, darker Jefferson Airplane meets a female fronted Black Sabbath.

DJ Accurit

I can still remember the feeling I got when I beat-matched my very first records on my old college roommate's setup. I've been hooked on DJing ever since.
~DJ Accurit

With over 10 years of DJing experience, DJ Accurit has come a long way from spinning college parties at his old dormitory. From clubs to corporate events, and everything in between, he has spun for a wide range of audiences of varying musical tastes, further developing his skills.

A Maryland native, Accurit started his career in the DC Metro Area, initially DJing university formals and then graduating to clubs and corporate events. Accurit later moved to Seattle where he had the fortune of working with and being booked by Carlos Imani Entertainment for various popular downtown venues. After spending a number of years in New York City, he now resides in Washington, DC where he continues to work all types of functions including bars, clubs, in-stores and special events.

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