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Your brain is a tee shirt. Synth-beam tonescapes are the dye. Layered fuzz leads are the twist. Jittery off time sync-rhythms are the rubberbands. Wooter’s work is a tie-die kaleidoscope of calm-inducing chaos. Simultaneously initiating perplexity and peace-laden pondering, this curly project stretches the limits of the mind and soaks it in color, twisting it around and inducing a beautiful trance pattern effect, snapping you back and forth in a smooth velvet swirl synonymous with a space wave. Born out of years of methodically self-induced room revelry, and brought to life by a hard-knock group of psych monks, catch Wooter sooner than later, unless later means sooner than sooner.

Mars Motel

Mars Motel is a dream-rock band from Brooklyn, NY presenting an explosive and immersive sound which originates from melodic elements of 1990’s Brit-Pop as well as the raw, driving rhythms of the early 2000’s NYC rock scene.
Well before the official name and creation of Mars Motel, the music began as a series of psychedelic, Brit-Pop-inspired bedroom demos written by singer/guitarist Sarik Kumar during his last year of high school. For almost 10 years, the demos were left on an old computer and almost forgotten until the summer of 2016, when Kumar rediscovered them while visiting his childhood home on Long Island.
After a couple of successful singles being released in the last two years since Mars Motel was formed, including “Green” and “Living in the Moment”, The Eclipse Sessions live EP was released on July 27th, 2018. Recorded on August 21, 2017 at Mission Sound during the first solar eclipse the contiguous United States saw in 38 years, and released during yet another eclipse this year, the EP features three live tracks from Mars Motel’s first wave of singles, “The Enemy”, “Green”, and “It’s Here Tonight”, as well as two unreleased B -sides (“Hit The Floor” and “City Streets”).
With new studios tracks complete, Mars Motel plans on releasing their debut album, “Passenger X”, slated for late 2019.

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