Kesić, Stories and songs

Zoran Kesić

“Kesić, Stories and songs” is a humorous show that combines elements of a stand-up comedy, theater, improvisation, cabaret program with songs and interaction with the audience.

Zoran Kesić, one of the most famous TV personalities in Serbia (hosting the show 24 minuta) and one of the most esteemed satirists andhumorists in the region of the former Yugoslavia, is also the author of a complete script for his performance.

“Kesić, Stories and songs” is a show dedicated specifically to people from ex-Yu region who live and work abroad. For each performance in another country, the author prepares the material particularly intended for that country. It goes without saying that for example in Vienna "one will feel ill at ease in a hotel room and avoid gay traffic lights", that "in Dubai one will lay the cornerstone for "Dubai Waterfront" ", and that in Canada "one will be searching for the famous "wife’s aunt" ", that "in America one will talk and sing about ... "

In this way, his stories and songs, with each new performance, are expanded and enriched, so that this performance is becoming more of a living, growing, changing organism.


There is a $25 food & beverage minimum per person.


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