Darren Brand & Desi Banks, Nothing But Funny Comedy Tour, Desi Banks, Darren "Big Baby" Brand

Desi Banks

Desi is a Social Media Sensation who has been writing, performing and producing comedy shows for 4 years and built his brand through social media with fan bases at almost 2 million followers.

Darren "Big Baby" Brand

Writer, Actor Comedian Darren Brand is well known for his comedic performance on Nick Cannons Wild 'N Out along with is YouTube show with Timothy DeLaGhetto "Basic to Bougie”.

Quintin Robinson

Quintin Robinson aka Q is an Arkansas born comedian who got his start in the Twin Cities. Hosting and performing throughout the cities his college years lead to him being a finalist in Minneapolis’s “Acme Funniest Person” and a featured spot in the movie “3 Million Villians”. Q has been doing Comedy for 5 years and has hit stages in The Twin Cities, Omaha, Los Angeles, Miami, and Portland. And now Q is ready to bring his high energy performance to a stage near you!

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