Bob Sima

How do you put into words a life-changing experience? How do you put into words the emotions felt in pure bliss? How do you put into words the overwhelm of a challenging situation? How do you create a vocabulary that accurately portrays a full-body experiential moment?

We don’t. We typically “can’t find the words” to describe what we categorize as the highs and the lows of life, whether simple or complex in their presentation. Words may escape us, but we sure feel something.

Enter Bob Sima.

"Bob has a unique way to put a song together and really touch the core of your being…and the messaging is divine! Each CD will grow on you to the point where you will listen to his songs on a daily basis!"

Bob has a gift of creating musical vibrations that can define and recall and heal and inspire those out-of-body moments of every day life. From a glimpse of a raindrop sparkling in the sunshine when the skies clear after a mid-day storm to dropping onto your knees when the whispers of a grief-stricken heart begin to process… Bob talks straight to your soul.

Not only does he talk, he serenades you through every awareness, every celebration, and every challenge you will encounter. Not once. Not twice. But every time you listen. The music that comes through him will vibrate with your spirit exactly where you are and you will hear exactly what you need to hear in this moment, and the next, and the next.

"Bob Sima puts words to the indescribable at both ends of the spectrum – the mundane and the transcendent – making the everyday eternal, and the eternal everyday."

By educated standards, Bob should not be able to do what he does. He doesn’t read music. He has never had a voice lesson. His instructor dismissed him early from his one-and-only guitar lesson for lack of interest. He doesn’t know music theory, chord structure, or in what key he is playing. And none of that matters.

He is a channel. The songs that come through Bob are his lessons first. The messages in the lyrics touch his heart and open his spirit to growth and transformation. That is why they will resonate so deeply with you. We are all learning the same lessons – to return to pure unconditional love. We might be presented with different packages, but the life lessons – at the foundation – are the same.

"Bob’s music goes where Lennon and Bonocan only dream of… the personally relevant. He is not trying to take music to new places, but he is allowing music to be the vehicle his spiritual relationship is driving."

Bob’s music will be one of your power tools. Tools for self awareness, self expression, self healing, self discovery, self confidence. You will use the songs to nurture the super power within you: your consciousness.

Whether it be a book, a blog, a radio show, a quote, a meditation, a pet, a friend, a journal, a labyrinth, a crystal, a sketch – we all use tools throughout our journeys. The list is endless. We promise that you will find another soulFULL tool with Bob’s music.

"Even just one encounter with Bob Sima’s music will have a lasting ripple effect not only on your life, but on the lives of those around you."

$15.00 - $20.00


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