Midnite Snaxxx

Oakland punk-extra crunchy!

French Vanilla (LA)

Nervy post-punk band, from Los Angeles, who play a sax-laden, dub-informed squall reminiscent of the last hopeful junctions of innovation and optimism in the rock era.

THE WORLD are five people from Oakland, California who write rambunctious dance music with a post punk tool kit and an insightful yet short attention span. Their songs typically clock in around two minutes long and are a wild head-rush of Amber Sermeno's funk-minded bass lines and shuddering dubbed-out guitar courtesy of Andy Jordan. Amber also sings alongside Elyse Schrock, who anchors their propulsive songs with some supremely robust drumming. The steady beat is bolstered by Stanley Martinez's flurrying saxophone melodies and Alexa Pantalone's expansive bongo rhythms. Alexa also plays sax on half of the songs too, contributing further to the complex interplay of instruments that make The World's music so immediate, compelling and groove conscious.

Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries

Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries are a musical grrrl gang from Fresno, CA. Amber Fargano (lead vocals/electric ukulele), Vishinna Turner (backing vocals/bass), Audrey Johnson (drums), Staci Mcdowell (backing vocals/q chord) and Victoria Crow (backing vocals/glockenspiel) are known for casting spells on the hearts of their audiences of all ages. From empowering young girls at Girls' Rock Camps across California, to rocking the stage with Alice Bag at The Echo, FC&PP bring the punches and the laughs that keep people hungry for more.

Hayley & The Crushers

You went to the beach to get a tan but were rudely interrupted by a gaggle of leather-clad beasts feasting on beer and ho-hos under the pier.

Hayley and the Crushers has already sent a chlorinated wave of electricity splashing across the West Coast. Now, the San Luis Obispo, CA trio is ready to introduce the entire party to their wet and wild brand of "poolside glitter trash. " Vinyl debut COOL/LAME (9/28/18 on Eccentric Pop Records) is proudly hip, square, and full of reverb-soaked spunk.
The band's 2016 full length "Jewel Case" has been applauded by underground tastemakers at Razorcake and Pork magazine for its "new oldies sound" reminiscent of the Go Gos, drive-in movies, and teenage hijinx. The trio's syrupy garage-tinged pop has been descried as "like Bazooka Joe bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your combat boot," and front woman/guitarist Hayley Crusher is akin to Gidget with budget model Gretsch.
With wild stage antics and warm soda pop pumping through their veins, Hayley and the Crushers is a kind of frantic fun that can only have come from California's Crusherverse.

Suzie True (LA)

3 piece crybaby pop band from LA, singing about missing u!!!!

Bam!Bam! is a bay area duo of Zola and Chloe

Planet What (Tulsa, OK)

“Planet What, a punk, grunge, surf rock band fronted by two ladies straight out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kylie Slabby and Jeanette Derubeis are the punk rock matriarchs of the 21st century. With distinctive bass lines, distortion, and Bikini Kill like vocals, Planet What has perfected the art of not giving a fuck.” -Emma Butler of Melted Magazine

dot Vom (SF)

dot Vom is a San Francisco-based five-member friend-family / group therapy session coming together over 50s sock hop pop, 90s shoegaze, and dreams of surfing waves of feelings.

$10.00 - $15.00


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