Porter Union

Porter Union, led by husband and wife, Cole Michael Porter and Kendra Porter, is the result of the two old souls spending the better part of the last decade traveling the country together to play their music everywhere from the dive bars and honky tonks to festivals and theaters. When you hear the story of Cole and Kendra meeting in a hometown bar, falling in love while writing and playing together, it sounds like fairy tale built by corporate music row. Luckily, that’s where the comparison stops - you won’t find overproduced, cliche filled songs here. Their honest approach to songwriting combines raw emotional themes with a traditional country sound to bring the listener into the story. It’s no surprise they’ve shared a stage with a variety of notable artists including many of their own heroes.​

Tyler Giles

"Sing The Sad Ones..." has been Tyler Giles' go-to request for years and one he lives up to for audiences of his own.

While touring extensively as a lead and pedal steel guitarist for bands such as Porter Union, The Brothers Roberson, Dusty Rust, The Harmed Brothers and others across ten countries and most of the US, Tyler honed his focus as a songwriter while sharing stages with artists such as Alabama, Dwight Yoakam, and Corey Smith. Hosting a weekly songwriter showcase in Kansas City, Missouri at The Westport Saloon, Tyler learned from his guests and decided to take his own songs on the road.

Drawing influence from his home in the rural Ozarks, Tyler's blend of country, folk, Americana, and touches of bluegrass are the sounds of his hometown and his lyrics tell the story of the shared experience growing up there.

Tyler's debut EP, Time Don't Heal, was released in 2017 and he has since continued actively touring with several bands and as a solo artist.

Jake Stringer

After spending most of his 20's on the road as a drummer for artists such as David Allan Coe, Onward, etc., Mark Chapman Band, The Wasted Ways and countless others, Jake Stringer decided it was time to go his own way. Time to take the music he had been hearing and dreaming up in his head, and make it tangible. Over the next year, he and steel guitarist and longtime friend Zach Mourning put together a cast of brilliant musicians and friends to form what would be known as, "Better Than Nothin'"

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