Mark Morton

American guitarist for the metal band Lamb Of God, born 25 November 1972.

Light The Torch

Howard Jones - Vocals
(Ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed).
Francesco Artusato - Guitar
(Ex-All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project).
Ryan Wombacher - Bass
(Bleeding Through)
Mike "Scuzz" Sciulara - Drums
(Extinction A.D.)

Moon Tooth

A fireworks display of melody and rhythm, Chromaparagon is more than that too – its progressive, aggressive sound is brimming with soul, riddled with hairpin turns, and delivered with the grace and swing of real virtuosos. Over the course of twelve songs, Moon Tooth mashes together rock, metal, and blues, into a fusion that bursts with color. There are few limits here. Moon Tooth possesses the imagination and skill to swerve into whatever musical direction it wants. But this band wanders without getting lost; it channels its wild dreaming and black-belt chops into an album that drives forward with purpose.



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