The Live Ones

The Live Ones

Born in the poisoned gutters of NYC at the dawn of the millennium, the Live Ones are a ripping power trio playing wild garagey hard rock in the vein of such glue-sniffing forebears as Kiss, the Ramones, DMZ, and the New York Dolls. You might not have heard these songs before, but you won’t forget ’em! Not for the faint of heart or the high of class! Catchy tunes, howling vocals, a big beat and a sweaty Live show! This is rock’n’roll!!!!

Dagwood is a punk band from Cheshire, CT that formed at the end of 2010 by members of Fire First and Heavy Breath. The following spring saw the release of a three song demo, and in the Fall of 2011 Dagwood self-released their first record, Paradise. The band has recorded two episodes of the Mindplow podcast and released a short DVD alongside their record. Digital copies of Paradise are available as a "Pay what you want" download on their bandcamp.



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