Shallou & Slow Magic: Into the Wild Tour

2017 brought major changes for shallou. The Maryland-born musician and producer came to electronic music after moving to Chicago, where he began recording songs in his bedroom. His debut EP All Becomes Okay catapulted him from obscurity to prominence via strong word-of-mouth buzz. He sold out his first headlining shows, amassed over 100 million Spotify plays, had multiple SiriusXM #1 singles, and landed on the Billboard Dance charts. And shallou is just getting started.

Souls, shallou’s new EP, acts both as a companion work to All Becomes Okay as well as a progression, taking shallou’s signature “happy/sad” sensibility and expanding in all directions. “I approached Souls differently,” says shallou. “I was open to collaborating, to being in the room with someone else and bringing other people’s talents into what I was doing. Diversifying my sound while still keeping it my own.”

Whereas the last EP was about the cycles of the earth and nature, Souls is about the cycle of love, focusing on two people as they come together and break apart again. The cycle begins with “Sigh,” the moment of relief when you find someone knew, when you realize you aren’t alone anymore. The rest of the tracks follow the arc of a relationship, all the way to the meditative closer “Skin,” a song of regret and longing for what’s gone.

Paradoxically, to tell such an intimate story, shallou realized he needed a bigger sound, enlisting multiple collaborators for the first time. “It took more people to make it personal,” says shallou. “These artists brought more of me out than I would normally be willing to share. I guess being around other people helps you learn who you are.”

The penultimate track “Lie (ft. Riah)” marks the moment of conflict, where the love story falls apart. It’s a searing breakup song, with guest vocalist Riah singing, “You don’t care that much/Just wanna mess me up/But no matter what I do/I can’t try to change you.” It’s both relatable and heartbreaking, filled with anger and all the hurt that comes with it.

Souls also ends exactly where it began, playing perfectly in a loop. It’s a meditation on the cycle of love, how the cycle renews itself, either with the old love or with someone new. Though every relationship might be doomed in the end, each cycle brings with it the joy as well as the pain, the highs as well as the lows. And always there’s a hope that things can be better, that with every love a new world is possible.

A DIY project with worldwide scope, Slow Magic is universal and inclusive. It's cosmic electronic music culled from the ether, yet crafted with human hands. It's joyous, escapist, multi-disciplinary art that mixes transcendent performance with the nostalgic intimacy of two teenagers staying up too late on the phone.

After the release of 2012's beloved and critically-acclaimed Triangle, Slow Magic became an international movement after touring with artists like Gold Panda and XXYYXX. Crowds found a masked man in their midst, bathed in fantastic light, with electronic triggers and a drum. The future-primitive combination infused the project's electronic compositions with new life.

How To Run Away, Slow Magic's debut with Downtown Records, reflects this growth, oozing both otherworldly beauty and a mastery of production. Lead single "Girls" is deconstructionist house with an organic pulse and collaged, handcrafted samples. "Hold Still" sculpts elastic organs and jazz piano into an emotionally-pummeling finale, while the melancholy "Let U Go" merges watery dub with spectral piano and "Closer" plays like a '90s R&B fever dream.

Slow Magic is music by your imaginary friend.

Yoste is the moniker of young singer-songwriter-producer Kurt Sines. With influences drawn from ambient to pop, the project’s unique and moving music has swiftly gained worldwide attention.

Of his music and creative process Yoste says: “it’s a hugely cathartic thing for me that I can create a song from start to finish in my bedroom, release it and have it connect with so many. It’s one of the most fundamental and emotional aspects of my life and personality.”

Boasting over 50 million streams online and a debut EP heralded by standout singles Arc and Blue due in February 2019, the young creator is only looking ahead. “I’m so excited to release my debut EP and bring the songs to life on tour. I’m already half-way through the second EP as well. It’s such an exciting time for me creatively and otherwise.”

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