James Grant

James Grant's music career began in 1982 as songwriter and guitarist in Friends Again. When they split in 1985 he formed Love And Money and split in 1994. During this time they released four albums. They reformed in 2011.
He then went solo and has released 5 studio albums and has scored the film The Near Room and collaborated with Karen Matheson on her solo albums.

Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff of Way Out West is something of a seasoned veteran. With an impressive career that spans 11 years to date, Jody has achieved commerical success and critical acclaim as a producer, remixer and DJ. In the late '80s, legendary Bristol duo Smith and Mighty opened up their studio to two very young kids who went by the name of Tru Funk Posse (comprised of Jody and his younger brother Sam). These two self-taught, pre-pubescent hip hoppers had already produced a hefty handful of tracks utilizing one of the first-ever computer based drum machines which ran on the ZX Spectrum, the classic rubber-keyed computer which is best remembered for games such as "Jet Set Willie" and "Attic Attack." With a modified belt-driven record deck, the older member of T.F.P. (not yet a teenager) learned to imitate the hip hop DJs of the time who were still inventing and mastering the art for themselves.

Under Smith and Mighty's Three Stripe Label, the two youngsters released a well-received single as well as accepted gigs anywhere the bouncers would let them through the door. They even broke through to the finals in one of the first-ever DMC championships while receiving national notoriety from mags such as The Face, Hip Hop Connection and I.D. Who was responsible for the musical side of the operation? None other than a pre-teen Jody Wisternoff who, as well as filling the world's most illustrious dance floors, is also half of one of house music's most progressive acts - Way Out West.
During the early '90s Jody could be seen behind the decks at massive raves like Universe. In addition, he acquired a 3-yr. residency at Bristol's seminal Lakota Club. He was also found collaborating with Die of Roni Size's Full Cycle Crew. The duo (first known as Tru Funk then as Sublove) released several records including 4 am which, to this day is regarded as an underground house classic.
Currently, Jody visits the US monthly to play places such as the notorious Viper Room in Los Angeles, San Francisco's Spundae, Buzz Club in Washington, D.C., Miami's Space and Hyperia in Houston. His current UK DJ exploits include various one-off's across the country and regular slots at Bristol's Cafe Blue and Creation in addition to monthly trips to Guernsey and various European guest slots. In the past few years, he has also traveled to Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico and Canada spreading the Way out West sound far & wide. Jody has released two mix cd's on Kickin' Records (E-scension 1 & 2), and one on Bliss Recordings (Way Out There).

Progressive, Deep- and Tech-House producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Born: 1987 in Fairfax, VA

Melodic Techno/Deep House Producer and DJ.
Member of The M Machine and Registered at Anjunadeep.

Helsinki, Finland.

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