Haystak, born Jason Winfree, has been a self-made legend since exploding into the Nashville rap scene in 1998 with the release of 'Mak Million'. Since then, he has released over 20 full length albums and has been featured by countless other artists. Haystak has had success and longevity in the rap game that few people share. Give Haystak a listen and you'll find out why he's your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper.

Statik G brings his tastefully dark, machine gun style delivery to hip hop's underworld, targeting the underground as his future kingdom. With his family in LSP and the RhymeSick Nation at his side along with all the affiliates who stand strong as well, Statik G is proving to be a threat to stagnant or complacent artists new and old, and is fighting to become a driving force in the unification of hip hop, art, and people around the world.

Where others rap tales and make up their lives to impress the sheepish, Statik G lives the life he shares and consistently manages to overcome his struggles, surpass his goals, and evolve as an artist time after time. If you haven't heard yet, you need to. If you have heard, you need to spread the word about Statik Gesus aka the Red Devil!

@SSjStatikG (Twitter)
@SSjStatikG (Instagram)
@StatikG (SnapChat)

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The Contenderz

ContenderZ represent the practical knowledge and die hard experiences we share not only as a collective conscious but as individuals. From philosophical writes, exploring lifes deepest temptations, to the physical aspects of a world we all have grown a custom too. They are a true balance of what we are worldwide. We think, We party, We love, We hate, We cry, We worry, We fear, We second guess, We always change, We adapt, We find solutions to our problems or we soak in our sorrows. We all have moments where we feel invincible and as well our moments may be filled with endless holes that we somehow stumble into. Listen to multiple songs in order to understand the depth of their talent and awareness.

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Magz The Outlawed

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