Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsal w/ Deradoorian, Nick Zinner, Mick Barr, Brad Truax, Greg Fox + Dale Crover Band, ShitKid


Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and sonic visionary Angel Deradoorian has never shied away from testing aural and conceptual boundaries in her work. On her last album, The Expanding Flower Planet, Deradoorian led listeners through a kaleidoscopic journey that explored new rhythmic ideas culled from ancient traditions. Yet her latest album, the entrancing and seismic Eternal Recurrence, is unlike anything she’s ever recorded. The stark album, which predominantly features Deradoorian’s riveting vocals co-mingling with a handful of instruments, is a testament to an artist who found new depths both within herself and in her process through allowing herself to be driven entirely by instinct.

Nick Zinner

Nicholas Zinner (born December 8, 1974) and is best known as the guitarist for the New York rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Mick Barr

Prolific american guitar player and composer. Since 1996 you can hear his complex guitarwork in projects like Crom-Tech (1996-1999), Orthrelm (2000-present) and as a solo artist under various aliases like Octis and Ocrilim, playing the guitar with a drum machine .

Greg Fox

Greg Fox is a multi-instrumentalist, interdisciplinary artist, and teacher born and based in New York City. A versatile and prolific creative, Fox studied percussion with Guy Licata, Thurman Barker, Marvin “Bugalu” Smith, has a B.A. in Integrated Arts from Bard College, and has toured, recorded and released numerous records with Liturgy, Guardian Alien, ZS, Ex Eye, Skeletons, Teeth Mountain, Dan Deacon, Colin Stetson, Ben Frost, and many more.

Fox’s solo work is concerned with finding and creating gestural points of procedural interaction that reconcile seemingly unrelated interstitial spaces, using sound to create and describe emotional and geometric architectural territories. Using the drums as a main interface of communication, in tandem with Sensory Percussion, Fox describes, animates and accesses hidden synesthetic landscapes.

The Gradual Progression is Fox’s latest collection of music released on RVNG Intl. On the album, Fox uses tonal palettes, or virtual instruments invented for each piece, in an intuitive and expressive way through Sensory Percussion’s hardware/software system that overlays sensors onto acoustic drums. Throughout the record, Fox’s rigorous inner rhythms serve as the mandalic vessel for unbound expression and arrangement. An exploration of selfhood that employs new methods of externalizing his polyrhythmic virtuosity into non-physical realms signals both a reconciliation of disparate musical ventures and a new elevated stage in the artist’s oeuvre.

Fox’s unique ability to combine percussion, organic sounds, and technology coalesced on his 2014 album Mitral Transmission. Over multiple visits to the basement lab of master jazz drummer and holistic healer Milford Graves, lab and medical equipment were used to make extremely hi-fidelity recordings of his resting heartbeat. Custom software rendered the waveforms into a rich MIDI score, which was then used as the basis for the compositions found on the record- a work that can be unflinchingly explosive, fluttering and merciless in one instance, yet poised and withholding in the next.

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