51st Bi-Annual Open Mic Shootout

51st Bi-Annual Open Mic Shootout

Join us Friday, November 29th for our 51st Bi-Annual Open Mic Shootout! Come join us to all the participants, partnerships and menu specials planned out for a great family event here at Eddie's Attic!

About the shootout:
Twice a year, for 25 years, we have hosted our famous Songwriter’s Open Mic Shootout. The Shootout provides a rare opportunity for up-and-coming talent to showcase their music in front of a sold-out room of music industry professionals and avid music fans. In spite of the competitive premise of the event, it has proven to be a profound community-building experience for all songwriters involved. Lasting friendships and musical collaborations have grown out of this exciting night, in addition to national recognition for many of the winners, including John Mayer, Tyler Childers, Clay Cook, Victoria Canal & more.

$20.00 - $26.00

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