Even The Trees - Album Release Show

Even The Trees

Even the Trees is a band as diverse as their
influences. The Toronto quartet combine elements
of post-hardcore, metalcore, progressive rock, and
ambient music into a sound that is all their own.
The band, founded in 2005 by guitarist Nick Ilic,
had a difficult time getting off the ground due to a
revolving cast of members. Making the best of a
difficult situation, Nick released instrumental
efforts over the years with the intention of building
the band’s name. Luckily, a full lineup was locked
down in 2014, the dust had settled, and the band
was ready to forge ahead.
On December 7th, 2018, the band will release their
debut record “If Only Every Day Could Be Like
This,” the culmination of three long years of joy,
sadness, anxiety, and frustration. The ambitious 12-
track offering will give listeners an experience that
is emotionally taxing to say the least. Across the
album’s 65 minute runtime, songs will weave
through passages that are hauntingly beautiful,
dark, brooding, heavy, and chaotic. For the band,
it has been an absolute ride and they are finally
ready (and proud) to bring you along.

Post hardcore band from Toronto, Canada.



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