DGTL CLR, Laciste

Think 90's, Electro, Synth-pop then add well-played instrumentals, and seductive vocals then you have DGTL CLR (Digital Color). Devereaux Jennings is the mastermind behind this new music, he is spilling onto the indie electronica scene that is exploding all over the world. Putting a new spin on electronic synth with the washed out feels that take you way back, but also gives you that feeling you're onto something new, something undiscovered. When you hear the new age sound of DGTL CLR hear the unexplicable unfold. He's been hitting the scene hard with his last hit "It's Been Nice"released of his album 'Plasma'. His talent really shines through on this album by producing, synthesizing, and using lead vocals to entice his listeners. Fitting him into the eclectic "Nextwave" genre.
Devereaux is set to release new music early next year and he just released “Letting Go”, a single where you can recognize the complete DGTL CLR brand. After performing around California on solo shows or next to artists like CAPYAC, his new tour in USA is gonna be announced by the end of the year.
Enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of his vaporwave synths and electronic beats as you go on a new journey flashing you back to all that was good in the 90's.



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