James of Mosaics

James of Mosaics

This mosaic of craftspeople began with the initiative of James Morse, a Kennesaw-raised, Atlanta-native. James is an artist working in a variety of media from found objects to paint to sound. His method generally employs impressionistic and collage techniques, and he brings with him a rigorous commitment to the process of craft, study, and experimentation in his art.

[ In the projects The Desert and Young, the mosaic orchestrates a movement of an individual person through different spaces or rooms. The resulting art is akin to the work of artists such as Andrew Bird, Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, David Crosby, and Henry Jamison. Like these songsmiths, james of mosaics focuses on creating diverse instrumental and ambient textures beneath a rich literary narrative. ]

$12.00 - $15.00


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