Identikit, The Yellow Dandies, Calliope Pettis

Progressive klezmer-influenced orchestral big band from Atlanta GA

The Yellow Dandies

American Folk from Birmingham AL

American folk music is a diverse eco-system. Artists working within the style have electrified it, orchestrated it, jazzed it up, smoothed it down, re-mixed it, and preserved its original forms. Hill, Hood, and the Yellow Dandies are out to showcase the music’s wild roots and introduce it to new audiences in a provocative, but legitimate way. Blending the traditional and contemporary, the Yellow Dandies approach 60 year old bluegrass standards and 200 year old fiddle tunes with the same manic energy as their own new originals. The band blasts through its live sets with ferocious energy, intricate musicianship, and hilarious songs; keeping the audience on their feet, often dancing, occasionally screaming.

Vocalist / Instrumentalist from Birmingham AL

Calliope Pettis is a classically trained vocalist and self-taught instrumentalist. Her passion for performing arts was ignited the first time she stepped on stage as a toddler in Panama City, Florida. Her early experiences in musicals and theatrical improvisation troupes lend themselves to her presentation of original music- as she whimsically moves about the stage, it's plain to see that her inner child is alive and well.

From guitar and mandolin to ukulele and a simple Looper pedal; Calliope's style is as imaginatively enigmatic as a child left alone with a pot of coffee, a 120 pack of crayons and a notion that there is no right or wrong way to create. She plays well with others and wants the whole world to know that "if you can speak you can sing, and if singing brings you joy, you should sing daily!"



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