Hailing from the Northeast, these Pioneer Valley natives provide a sound all their own; a perfect combination of soulful vocals, intricate harmonies, contagious melodies and moving rhythm. Originating as a trio, friends Kara Rose Wolf, Kerrie T. Bowden and Laura Marie Picchi maintain their vocal roots and continue to shape their sound through writing and collaborative instrumentation. Eavesdrop’s debut EP, The Afterglow, showcased the trio’s vocally charged acoustic, folk, soul roots. With their latest release, TIDES, the band has expanded into a six piece ensemble incorporating some of the valley's finest musicians; Ross Bellenoit on guitar, Marc Seedorf on bass guitar and Sturgis Cunningham on drums and percussion.

Co-produced by Alan Evans and Ross Bellenoit, TIDES is the band’s first full length album. It brings the listener on a ride alongside the three songbirds, taking a deeper look into the life events that fostered their creativity.

​"Life is a series of beginnings and endings, of infinite cycles.
TIDES is a representation of the phases within and the experiences that shape who we are.

It's a reflection of mistakes we've made and the lessons we've learned; a journey through understanding and self-discovery."

John Brandoli

John Brandoli is a Los Angeles based, award winning singer-songwriter, and Pioneer Valley native. Through his captivating live performance and studio recordings, John’s folk-rock artistry moves his audiences with an honest portrayal of all aspects of the human condition. Brandoli’s entire catalog can be found on all major digital outlets. His new EP, “No Broken Heart” is due in Spring 2019.

$12/Adv, $15/Door


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