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FRANKIE is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter whose obsession with 90s music, strong female artists from the 70’s, and a music degree, created the intoxicating, tune-heavy brand of expressive pop music she makes today. On her 2016 debut, FRANKIE worked with long-time friend/producer Petros to create her Dreamstate EP, a 5-song collection of quirky, instrumentally eclectic pop music, originated either on her acoustic guitar or from a dream state in her bedroom. Described by NYLON as “the musical embodiment of California,” she has won new fans at every turn. TIME praised her breakout track “Problems, Problems,” noting that its “mix of modern synth-pop and girl group vocal stylings made the track feel both retro yet somehow of the moment” and Interview Magazine were charmed by Frankie's “exuberant energy.” Taylor Swift enjoyed “New Obsession” so much that she included it on her New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome playlist alongside tracks by a handful of other young female artists.
In the years that followed, FRANKIE has released a handful of songs and videos including “Blink,” an ode to her beloved step-father, a re-release of fan favorite, “Problems, Problems (ft. Marc Bassy)” followed by “Paper Doll” & “Coping.” She later teamed up with Scott Hoying on “Ghost,” whose companion music video features a gender-bending take on the “Summer Nights” scene in Grease.

The 27-year-old singer will be releasing her follow-up EP, STA7GES, next year. Produced by friends & bandmates, Ben Rose and Joey Orton, (AKA ‘One Night’), STA7GES is a collection documenting the seven stages of grief post-breakup. “STA7GES is about the 7 stages of grief I experienced during a bad breakup in 2017. Each song goes through each stage in chronological order...shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance. I never realized what I was experiencing until I wrote the last song on the EP, “When I’m Ready,” and listened back on everything I had written prior. It was clear that I had experienced these stages in song form, that I was finally healed and that this was the group of songs I had to share with the world,” notes FRANKIE. “You Decided” FRANKIE’s latest release, which first appeared on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” – is her most personal songs to-date. “It was the first time I laid out everything that happened word for word. I usually use metaphors, but “You Decided” was a complete setting and event that I described. It’s hard being vulnerable in a song and sharing your heart break with your audience...but so many people relate to this story and have experienced It themselves, which makes it worth sharing.” FRANKIE hopes this EP can serve a friend to someone feeling vulnerable through an emotional break-up and that the music can help them heal, as writing it did for her.
As a kid growing up in Oakland, Frankie’s ears were open to anything and everything.
You can definitely hear that her mum (“a complete 70s queen”) used to hammer Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel in the car; it’s totally unsurprising when Frankie talks of her obsession with Stevie Nicks and describes the times she’d put on a VHS and a cape and try to emulate this “most magical creature.” Capes aside, Frankie realized early that she was, as she puts it, “on the tomboy spectrum of life.” “That’s me naturally,” she laughs. “In my teens I was like, I wanna skateboard. I like my sneakers and backpack.”
A self-confessed child of the 90s, Frankie’s first musical passion may have been for Britney and the Spice Girls but with the 2000s came artists like Michelle Branch & Avril Lavigne. And now, in the 2010s, Frankie has found a way to combine the fizz and excitement of her first loves with the depth and musicianship of those acts she fell for in her teens. “Discovering that wave of singer-songwriters in my teens opened up a whole new world of possibility,” Frankie recalls now. “I’d been forced into piano lessons which I hated: I quit them, got a guitar and that night taught myself three chords. I wrote three songs that week. It was like a missing piece of my life.”
Frankie remembers her stepdad, who’d been around since she was six, as “the love of my life and the inspiration behind her song, ‘Blink,’” During Frankie’s senior year at college he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. “When you have a life moment and you lose someone, everything else becomes tangible,” she explains. “I know how precious people are. In a weird way that mindset has gotten me this far: I’m not desperate for fame. I play because I feel connected to something.”

"I grew up listening to

the singer-songwriters of the 70's, so my songs always come from a place of true self-expression, but, I am a

child of the 90's after all, so I always sprinkle a little bit of glitter over everything I write as well,” she says.
That life moment also prompted Frankie to “pick everything up” — at the suggestion of college friend Petros, she moved to join him in LA. After a spell teaching music she’d saved enough money to be able to concentrate on her own music. And when Petros suggested they make music together, she jumped at the chance. “I said: Let’s make something. Let’s take the rest of the year off.”
That was in 2014. “With Petros I’d finally found someone who could create the sounds in my head,” she recalls. “Until I worked with him I couldn’t get them out.” Frankie emailed a song called “Blackout” to a friend who ran a blog, and the rest is history.
There’s little danger of Frankie choosing the easy route. Her music may sound instantly familiar, but at the heart are lyrics and melodies that showcase a striking songwriter with a talent for tackling life’s highs and lows, a passion for communicating those to others, and a desire to push pop in an exciting new direction.

CAPPA, aka Carla Cappa, released her first single “Hush” in 2015 which premiered in SPIN magazine and was later featured in a Victoria’s Secret ad. Her first self-titled EP released in April 2015 as her songs began floating around popular internet sites such as Alt Press, Noisey, Nylon, Glamour and many more. Not letting any time pass, CAPPA began releasing new singles fall of 2015 as her cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs” shot to the top of the viral charts. In fall of 2016, she released her second EP “Queen of Hearts” alongside a U.S. tour, playing famous venues such as The House Of Blues. Numerous singles on “Queen of Hearts” made appearances on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and landed her on the front page of Tidal as an upcoming artist of Halsey & Taylor Swift. Entertainment Weekly pinned CAPPA as a new comer to watch alongside artists such as Chance the Rapper. Her song “Tension” premiered on Spotify’s New Music Friday and was featured in the hit show “The Bold Type”. Her latest single “Sux” made appearances in Buzzfeed and Billboard as a song to watch in 2019. CAPPA is currently in the studio working on her EP slated for summer 2019.

Described sonically as the British love child of George Michael and Katy Perry, Sazzie’s energetic pop records promise to boost your mood and make you dance. With influences from powerhouse songwriters such as Bonnie McKee and Ryan Tedder, Sazzie’s positive and lighthearted personality shines through relatable lyrics that emphasize love and individuality, whilst maintaining a playful attitude. Visually, she draws inspiration from legends such as David Bowie, Bananarama, Andy Warhol and Blondie.
Raised in a little village called Highclere in Hampshire outside of London on her parents’ 80’s vinyl, Sarah McIntosh’s interest in artists such as Tears For Fears, Prince, and Depeche Mode started at an early age. After years of playing the violin and eventually drums, Sarah discovered her Grandmother’s 1980’s Yamaha keyboard ready to be thrown out from her attic, instantly fell in love with the retro sounds and drum loops and immediately began writing songs with it. While Sarah developed her passion for music and collaborated with her brother, Hamish, throughout their childhood, it wasn’t until later that she decided to pursue music professionally.

In 2011, Sarah and her band, ‘The Good Natured’ (which consisted of Sarah, her brother Hamish and their friend George Hinton), signed with EMI Records, and the trio began touring the world with bands such as Imagine Dragons and Bastille.

Now, Sazzie is branching out as a solo artist with singles and a full album forthcoming. She has been able to maintain her fanbase of 25k+ likes on Facebook and well over 100k followers on platforms such as Soundcloud. Industry insiders are already buzzing about songs like “Get Your Sexy On”, “WTF” and others.

Sazzie just released her debut single, "Do You Work Out?", featuring Mix Master Mike (Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys). Wonky Sensitive called "Do You Work Out" a "hook-filled earworm that listeners can easily dance and sing-along to." Since launching as a solo artist, Sazzie has played hotspot venues in Los Angeles such as The Satellite and The Peppermint Club, Vestal Village outside of Coachella (sharing a bill with Cypress Hill, Kitten, Dorothy, Deap Vally, Swimm, Josiah and the Bonnevilles and others), as well as London's well-respected Camden Assembly.

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