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Hippo Campus isaband from St. Paul, Minnesota. Formed in 2013,prior to graduating from performing arts high school, the band started on a break out trajectory following a series of talked-about performances at SXSW.Thiswas immediately followed by their network television debut on Conan. They’ve since risen to the forefront of their genre on the backs of relentless touring and the strength of their debut album 'landmark'.In October 2017, the band released their self-produced EP ‘warm glow’ as an ode to loyalty and self-preservation. “We had tunes that didn’t fit on ‘landmark’ but took on a life of their own. The project became about the support we couldn’t find as individuals but discovered as an entity.”The band’s sophomore release, ‘Bambi’ was released on September28th,2018.

Samia's ballads recall the low-lit charm of Tobias Jesso Jr or the hushed immediacy of Phoebe Bridgers. Her rock songs rev and howl with the intensity of Mitski or Hop Along. Whether the volume is up or down, the 21-year-old New York native draws from the same well of sharp-witted lyricism as forebears old and new - from Liz Phair to Patti Smith to Josh Tillman. Samia may be 21, but her songs aren't. They're the sort of emotional tantrums and last-call thesis statements that feel like they've been there forever, just waiting for someone to come around and sing them. Her knack is unique to her years: that ability to tap into youthful angst with a precocious wisdom that we seem to lose as we all get older.


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