The Saplings

The Saplings

The Saplings are a 10-piece band from Rochester, NY. We met at the Eastman School of Music. We play our own songs. They’re odd and groovy and we don’t know how to describe them really. You can dance to them though; we do. Almost two years ago we put out a self-titled EP. Recently we thought, “It’s high time we put out a full length album.” We’re putting out a full-length album on February 23rd. It’s called Go Digital! and we’re throwing a party at Anthology to celebrate its birth unto us and unto you.

The Saplings are: Abe Nouri – keys, vocals; Greg Roberts – guitar, vocals; Matt Bent, drums and vocals; Ryder Eaton, bass and vocals; Andrew Links, synths; Geraldo Marshall, percussion; Ben Bird, trumpet; Rowan Wolf, tenor saxophone; Adrian Eldridge, Trombone; Jack Courtright, Bass Trombone.

We are honored to be joined by two local bands we admire very much:

$12.00 - $15.00


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