Revibe is a 4-piece jam fusion band that blends tight composition with adventurous improvisation. The result is a unique and complex sound which transitions seamlessly between memorable songs and energetic improvisational segments. Drawing on a wide array of musical influences, Revibe creates a sound that appeals to a large spectrum of musical tastes. Sets can vary, featuring infectious funk grooves, high energy electro, mellow jazz and heavy progressive rock. Hailing from Burlington VT, Revibe has been building a steady following around New England.

Dr. Sammy Love

Dr. Sammy Love pays homage to some of the sexiest and most beautiful love songs ever written. Featuring an all-star cast of local Burlington Cats — Dan Ryan (Madaila, JUPTR), Dan Bishop (Saboyouma, Nico Suave & the Bodacious Supreme), Gyasi Garcia (Tar Iguana), Jonah Ullman, & Ivamae swooning you away on lead vocals. The love MD is in.



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