The Slackers

The Slackers

The Slackers are a classic American band that is equal parts grit and grace. Their slow rise against the odds is a story in perseverance and a belief in their musical vision, what Vic likes to call, "Jamaican Rock N Roll." While they have been influenced, and even personally taught by Jamaican ska/reggae originators, like the Skatalites and the Upsetters (Original backing band for the Wailers), the band sees its music as an extension of the traditions of the United States. This band is equally appreciative of old blues, country, 60s soul, rock, and Rnb as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub, and Ska. It is as if the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds had grown up on Bob Marley as well as Muddy Waters.

Smashing the stereotypes of "ska" as happy,uptempo, and shallow music, the Slackers play with an aggressive edge and their songs veer in themes from the personal to the political. They can out jam any hippie band and outwrite most singer songwriters. From their 1996 release, Better Late Than Never through to 2010 with The Great Rocksteady Swindle, they have established themselves as America's premiere interpreters and innovators of Jamaican music and a pretty good rock band to boot.

The Retrolites

In today's music scene you have 2 types of groups: bands that play original songs, and bands that play cover songs. The Retrolites are on a mission to bridge the gap between the two. In the history of music there have been countless great songs written in the 50's, 60's and 70's with soul and emotion. We pay tribute to those songs by adding a relaxing, yet upbeat blend of Reggae and Ska to bring a fresh flavor to the Las Vegas music scene. The Retrolites are sure to bring you to your feet and enjoy classic songs from the past!

The Retrolites are:

Robert Stokes : Vocals / Guitar
Kirt Taylor : Lead Guitar / Backups
Brian Kolek : Bass Guitar / Backups
Jordan Rosenthal : Drums
Mo Robbins : Trombone
Jamaal Howard : Tenor Saxophone

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