Sharkmuffin, Gustaf

Brooklyn based garage rock trio Sharkmuffin create super-heavy, jagged, and exceedingly catchy punk rock, which recently was named by Billboard as being one of the "20 All-Female Bands You Need to Know". Experienced guitarist Tarra Thiessen (vocals/guitar/theremin/pocket piano) and Natalie Kirch (vocals/bass) first together jammed in Mantoloking, NJ at Kirch's family beach house in July 2012, just months prior to it being destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. They released three EPs in 2013, including '1097,' which was named after the beach house where they began collaborating. The noise-punk-meets-psychedelic power pop group released their debut album 'Chartreuse' in August 2015, featuring Patty Schemel (Upset/Hole) on drums, who recorded the 10 tracks in Los Angeles, CA with Sharkmuffin after their original drummer, Janet LaBelle, was injured. Sharkmuffin toured the US in the summer of 2015 as a quartet promoting 'Chartreuse' for 6 weeks with Davey Jones (Lost Boy ?/The So So Glos) on 2nd guitar and Sharif Mekawy (Looms) on drums.

In September 2015, Kim Deuss (vocals/drums) joined the group, completing the power trifecta. Kim, Tarra, and Natalie are recording their sophomore LP simultaneously with the release of a flex-disc via Little Dickman Records at The Lost Room in Los Angeles, CA on February 12, 2016. The 2 tracks featured on the flexi-disc were recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, NY with Davey Jones and Sharif Mekawy prior to their US tour in June 2015.

After the release, Sharkmuffin will leave on a west coast tour directly followed by a southwest tour in which they will play SXSW festival in Austin, TX. This upcoming May, Sharkmuffin will embark on their first Canadian and European tours, and they expect to play in Bermuda (Deuss's homeland) over the summer. Look out for their second LP, which will be released sometime Fall 2016.


Self-described psychedelic art punks, Gustaf makes music that indulges the crude comedy of our subconscious. Drawing inspiration from the grooves of ESG, the dopey drawl of Jonathan Richman, and the ego of Alan Vega, the female-fronted quintet puts forth a live show in which the music is slick but the attitude is surly, androgynous, and infectiously danceable.



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