Glass Divide, Half Apology, Murder Monday

Glass Divide

We're a metal band assembled in the bowels of an old factory building.

Half Apology

The Half Apology started in 2007 after few projects from the Brazilian guitarist/bassist Ed Artico where he decided to write his own music. The band acquire a unique personality and style playing in various venues thru out the Fairfield County. The band never denied it's particular style and always faced all the obstacles on it's way. Always working hard. Honestly and with determination to fufill their dream. Since the beginning they do their music from the heart, always being true and aware of the music business reality. Who knows the band history also knows how hard it is to work with music all around the world and stay authentic. Many things took place during all this time and the result of that you can see very clear in this new faze they are living now. The band is very happy with the team, that works together as one. They took the first step already, knowing there are many more to come. They are committed to improve more and more the quality of what gets to their audience's ears. The band keeps an open mind,and attitude as well to everybody who is willing to contribute with positive things. Little by little the band is taking a distinguished place in the local music scene, always focused on quality and doing a simple and direct job to express all its musicality.

Murder Monday

New Heavy Connecticut Band.


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