Grumby DJ Set (11PM), Ratstar, Maës, The Aberdeen

Grumby DJ Set (11PM)

Ratstar is a NYC/BK rock band that is sometimes admired for their sunny melodies, trashy drums, and laser beam guitar riffs. Known for their rambunctious (often shirtless) live performances, Ratstar is contrastingly disciplined in their home-studio environment (pseudo-conveniently located in the lead singer's kitchen).


"[Maës] has a sound that goes from electronic rock to traditional jazz, but recurrently with unsuspected harmonic progressions and the inclusion of synthetic sounds that blend perfectly with the essential elements of rock." - Arturo Pardo (La Nación)

The Aberdeen

The Aberdeen is a 4 piece band of recent college grads playing a unique brand of alt rock. Formed in New Orleans in late 2017, these boys have spent the past year honing their blend of reverb driven 1980s alternative and emotionally charged rock & roll.



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