Hazelcreak with Dom Winterbauer

Often compared to the likes of Bon Iver, Mappe Of, S. Carey, and Henry Jamison, Hazelcreak is the ambient-folk creation of Saint Paul native Benjamin Richter. Featuring elaborate compositions of synths, acoustic and electric guitar, violin, and sequenced drums and live percussion, the fullness of sound created by the Cannon Falls EP is often moving in emotion and sonic quality. Richter's lyrics, blanketed in harmony and electronic filters, remain raw and reflective of place, painting a new landscape with each song on the project, fit with choirs of birds and lines marking their beauty.

The Cannon Falls EP, Hazelcreak's debut project, was released independently on October 25th, 2018.

Dom Winterbauer

Dom Winterbauer is a 17 year old singer and multi-instrumentalist from South Minneapolis, who has a range from the dreamy acoustic sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Robyn Hitchcock, to the sounds of 90s shoegaze and dream-pop. Dom typically performs with a band consisting of South Minneapolis musicians Thomas Schroeder (Miloe), Ogden Miller (Dætagram), Seaver Kremer, and Carson Kindred.

Dom's first solo dream-rock record "Blue Fish" will be released on Jan 18, 2019.


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