Crossing Crusades

Crossing Crusades

We are a fairly new Tacoma native band. We bring an eclectic range of talent, falling into the Nu Metal/Alt metal rock scene. We have four song writer/singers and, we are all multi-instrumentalists. We are really excited to bring our music to those people out there searching for something new!

Watch Rome Burn

2 brothers from the Pacific Northwest form this raw rock duo - with roots in punk, grunge and metal and good old fashioned hard-rock.

Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind

We'd like to thank Each of our sponsors: Orange, Dunlop, Ampeg, Blue Microphones, Gibson, Roland/Boss, Soultone and Humes & Berg

Rachelle Debelle and the Jamfest Miracles

Until the three of us got together, I thought I had experienced the phenomena that was the “band family.” But these guys changed what that would mean for me, forever. Not that my time with Doctor Luna was any less deep, or intimate, but it wasn’t this, it wasn’t in this time, and it didn’t have the comfort that would later arrive at my feet, with this project. The Jamfest Miracles is not just a band, it’s a family, and a way of life for us. For the members that still come back and perform with us on tours, it’s a connection that never ends, or dies. We are more than a band, we are a perspective. That community living and love, are essential to true happiness. In this life, we’ve got to all be there for one another.

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Fawcett Hall at Alma Mater