The B-52's

American New Wave / Art Pop band formed in Athens, Georgia, USA in 1976.

Kate Pierson (b. 27 April 1948, Weehawken, New Jersey, USA; organ/vocals)
Cindy Wilson (b. 28 February 1957, Athens, Georgia, USA; guitar/vocals)
Ricky Wilson (b. 19 March 1953, Athens, Georgia, USA d. 12 October 1985; guitar)
Fred Schneider (b. 1 July 1951, Newark, New Jersey, USA; keyboards/vocals)
Keith Strickland (b. 26 October 1953, Athens, Georgia, USA; drums. Later switched to guitar after Ricky Wilson's passing.)

BMG is excited to announce that cornerstones of British electronic music, OMD, will return to jumpstart and rewire the canon with brand new album "English Electric." Out April 9, the album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by OMD -- Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys. "English Electric" is a 12-track letter to technology, space, love and a grand return to form for a band whose 1980 hit "Enola Gay" occupied the world's stage at last year's Olympics Opening Ceremony.

As percolating synth-pop is pulled along at different speeds and executed with needle-sharp finesse, late night electro ballads collide with big sounding club cuts on a record which also features three interlude tracks, including dystopian missive "Please Remain Seated" and "Decimal."

LP Highlights include the radioactive clatter of "Atomic Ranch" -- a song which pokes fun at convention with computerised voices -- "Kissing The Machine" -- which was composed in collaboration with early influence Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos -- "Helen of Troy" -- which revives the recurring historical figure motif -- and the glacial, uplifting "Metroland," the first single.

As Andy McCluskey says of the album; "The overarching feel tends to be a sense of loss, of melancholia, that things haven't turned out the way you wanted them to, whether it be with technology or personal relationships." The title itself -- taken from a British industrial manufacturing company -- has further resonance for the pair as locomotive enthusiasts and self-confessed technology geeks.

This is the follow-up to 2010's "History of Modern" and the band's 12th album to date.

The original four-piece -- Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Malcolm Holmes and Martin Cooper -- will be reunited once again this spring for a string of must-see shows, which commemorate the band's 35th anniversary. Tour dates will be announced soon.

Full tracklisting for "English Electric":

1. Please Remain Seated
2. Metroland
3. Night Cafe
4. The Future Will Be Silent
5. Helen of Troy
6. Our System
7. Kissing The Machine
8. Decimal
9. Stay With Me
10. Dresden
11. Atomic Ranch
12. Final Song

The album is being released on standard CD format, as a deluxe edition -- with media book and bonus DVD -- vinyl format -- ltd edition die cut sleeve on heavyweight vinyl, as a limited edition deluxe tin boxset, as well as digitally.

New Wave act from Orange County, California. Founded in 1979 by John Crawford, Jo Julian and Terri Nunn.
Mainly known for the 1986 Giorgio Moroder produced hit Take My Breath Away (from the movie Top Gun), as well as earlier songs such as The Metro, Sex & No More Words.
Split up in 1987. John Crawford went on to form the alternative rock act "The Big F". Terri Nunn resurrected Berlin in 1999 with a new band lineup, and she has been performing live & recording studio material since then.

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