JCTC Play Reading: I Don't Know How She Does It

JCTC Play Reading: I Don't Know How She Does It

How does one Puerto Rican woman rise from public housing to become a Pulitzer Prize winner, despite an apathetic Virgin Mary, tragic loss and an epic downpour of bird poop? This one-person show cycles through eight moments in one Boricua’s life to explore how imagination and humor help her survive and achieve despite struggles and haters—most especially herself. Each of the eight monologues suggests a different setting and stage in the speaker’s life. The show is loosely autobiographical, inspired by the playwright’s own journey to overcome “brown shame”, her lack of faith and the loss of her infant son.

Nancy Méndez-Booth is a writer and spoken word performer, and teaches writing and Latinx literature and culture at colleges and universities in New York and New Jersey. She grew up in NYC public housing, where shy brown girls were taught to be quiet and not to aspire to attend Amherst College nor complete two graduate degrees (both from Rutgers-Newark). Her writing has appeared in print and online, most recently in Kweli Journal, as well as Poets & Writers, Salon, OZY, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, her blog (nancymendezbooth.com/blog), and is forthcoming in the Latina Outsiders: Remaking Latina Identity anthology, to be published in 2019. Nancy has performed at Northeast venues including The Moth, Cornelia Street Cafe and Midtown International Theatre Festival, and “Brown Privilege”, one of her most recent pieces, is available for viewing online.

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