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Husband and wife rock duo took a pilgrimage to Tennessee. Magic was made, and the Rock Gods approved! Vinyl Sunday, a Nashville rock band, blends southern rock with roots/blues. They have an authentic and unique sound, inspired by: The Band and The Tedeschi Trucks Band as well as ZZ Ward, and Stevie Nicks. You can hear the blending of all these sounds in their new EP A Broken Record. With this EP, the band truly rooted themselves into the rock scene.

The band’s roots came from its founding members, husband and wife team, Andy and Jen Howell. From Louisville, KY, Andy is enthusiastic with a magnetic personality. The whimsically talented keyboardist and vocalist began Vinyl Sunday in his college days. Jen brings the attitude from Buffalo, NY, and has grown into quite a frontwoman, oozing with confidence. She is the bands lead vocalist and provides killer flute licks that’ll take you back to the days of Jethro Tull!

Vinyl Sunday signed a recording contract with Lamon Records Nashville in 2014, and released their first, self-titled, EP in June of 2015. The six-track project was recorded at Quad Studios Nashville, and featured gospel/soul singer, Dawn Freeman. The single of the EP, “Procession,” reached 35 on the AMC Alternative Adult Contemporary top 40 chart. Once the quartet was formed, they went on the road to promote the release of their first EP. After first testing the waters in Louisville, KY, they then took a small tour out to North Carolina, where they headlined their first show at The Double Door Inn in Charlotte.

Once they returned to Nashville, they made venues such as The End, Mercy Lounge and The High Watt, home. Then, in March, they traveled down to Austin, TX to perform at Red Gorilla Festival. After their amazing success on tour, they started recording their next EP. Vinyl Sunday tracked at Tommy’s Tracks, in Nashville, TN, where they kicked it old school, recording on RADAR 24. The dynamic of the group along with tracking live, brings spirit, vibes, and emotion to their four-track masterpiece.

Vinyl Sunday has exploded since their creation in 2014, and is gaining momentum. Each player has found an outlet for creativity, and a lifelong friend, which is apparent when you watch them on stage. With new songs in the works, they look forward to recording their first full-length album!

Pretty Ravens is a pop rock group that resides in the Nashville TN area. Comprised of Stirling Snow, CJ Singer and Jose Rafael, the band plays an integral role in the present pop rock movement.

Currently the band is working on new music to be released in early 2019.

James Sayne & The Shoeshine Boys

James Sayne is from a rural South Central Kentucky town called Chandlers Chapel. He moved to Nashville pursuing a career in music.

With his brand new single, Kentucky Grown, Timmy Dunn is pushing country music to an entirely new level. Growing up in Kentucky, Timmy has experienced all of the beauty rural America has to offer. Timmy combines authentic country storytelling with a modern musicality to bring to life not just amazing country songs, but a glimpse into the future of where music is going.

When bringing the band together, Timmy Dunn had a very specific formula in mind. The music not only had to be innovative, but needed to transcend music all together. Mixing country, and blues melodies with an edgy rock flavor on top of a solid and heart thumping rhythm section, Timmy has been able to bring his words to life. creating images of back country roads, midnights at the lake, and late night bonfires with all of your best friends. Timmy Dunn is telling a story of a country boy’s unbridled spirit to everyone, so grab a beer pull up a chair and prepare to live or relive all of the best the country life has to offer.

It’s a story we have all heard before. An aspiring musician moves to Nashville, with $200 in his pocket, a truck full of clothes and a big dream. Well, Nick Cross’s story may have started out like many, but it sure will not end up like most.

Within two hours of arriving on Broadway, he was already on stage at Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge. Within two days he became an official Tootsies performing artist, and within three weeks he had broken attendance records and pulled in more tips than most musicians had ever seen in one night. Pretty impressive for a small town boy from Indiana.

Nick was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Illinois and later moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He grew up in a small town, “4900 people is what it says on the sign, but I think they was countin’ cats and dogs too.” As far back as age 2 his mother recalls Nick having a passion for music. His father had a country band called The Ghostriders, and numerous cousins and uncles played music as well.

“When you go to a family reunion, it’s like 100 freakin’ guitars. I come from a big musical family”.

As a little boy, Nick remembers going to his dad’s band practice and fooling around with their equipment and instruments. By age six he had played his first beat. It was a back beat on the drums to “Honkey Tonk Women” by the Rolling Stones. That’s when he recalls he got his music bug. From then on, Nick would steal his moms Tupperware bowls and bang on her pots and pans. The following year for Christmas, Nick’s parents surprised him with his very own drum set and a note that said, “Stay out of your mom’s Tupperware.” He then went on to pick up the guitar, but was primarily a drummer until about age 12. By age 17 he was playing twelve instruments and winning talent competitions, but that wasn’t enough for Nick Cross. He wanted to be a singer.

“I remember praying to God one day going down the road in my truck and I was like, ‘I would give up every instrument I could play, if I could only sing’, and then it just hit me like an epiphany. God or my conscience or whatever told me, ‘listen, you didn’t learn how to play drums overnight. You didn’t learn how to play guitar overnight. You had to work at it and the same thing is gonna be that way for singin..You’re gonna have to work at it.”

Nick got his first paying gig as a singer at age 18 and started his first band as the front man. Since then, his experience as a musician has led him to songwriting and he can now play over 18 instruments.

Undoubtedly talented, Nick’s growing success isn’t solely attributed to his singing or instrumental skills. Nick is an entertainer.

“You have a lot of power when you’re on stage. You can make them people sad, you can remind them of a lost loved one, you can fire ‘em up to where they are ready to fight...” “...Someone that’s never danced, never breaks outta their shell...you play the right song and that persons gonna jump right outta their chair, look at ya and be like ‘hell yeah dude. I love this song’ and it might be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company on vacation here in Nasvhille. And guess what, now he’s out there shakin’ his ass, wavin his beer up in the air and he’s just let life go right out the window.”

But Nick captivates his audience with his charisma, not just his talent. He draws them in, connects with them, and plays what he knows they want to hear. It just comes natural for him. Most importantly, he keeps them there. His biggest supporters are his fans.

“For every 10 people I meet, 9 people love me. One of them doesn’t. One of them thinks I’m too cocky, or they think I’m whatever...just another gimmick. But there is 9 out of 10 that love me”.

Although Nick’s growing success in Nashville has him performing multiple nights throughout the week, he is also in the recording studio working on his first album. And he feels like he’s accomplished a lot in his short time in Nashville, but he’s not even close to settling. There is a lot more in store for this country boy.

“I don’t care if I ever get famous, really, I don’t. Singin is something that if it comes [fame], that’s cool, if it don’t, that’s cool too. I just wanna play music for a living instead of swinging a hammer. My whole life that’s all I ever thought about doing – being a professional musician. Now I can say that. I’m a Nashville Recording Artist, a country singer, living and playing in Nashville, Tennessee. I mean, I could die right now and be a happy man”

But for anyone who knows Nick Cross, he wouldn’t die a happy man just yet. He came to Nashville with a goal and that goal won’t be fulfilled performing in the bars on Broadway. Nick Cross’s career has a long life ahead of it, and there is no slowing down anytime soon.

“This town is tough. I mean some musicians aren’t even good enough to play Nashville. Some are only good enough to play Nashville and they will never break out of what we call ‘stuck on Broadway’. Well I will guarantee you I will not be ‘stuck on Broadway’. I’m smarter than that, I have more motivation and drive then that.”

Like a story we’ve all heard before. An aspiring musician moves to Nashville, with $200 in his pocket, and a truck full of clothes. He is now watching his dreams unfold before his eyes. His story started out like many, but has certainly exceeded most. And the momentum isn’t slowing down.

Taylor Dahlia is a songwriter, recording artist, and classically trained cellist emerging from the dynamic music scene of Nashville, TN. Dahlia can best be described as the twisted love child of modern day muses such as Bishop Briggs and ZZ Ward.
Her debut single “Straightjacket” combines soulful melodies, dark and captivating lyricism, and a touch of electronic influence to create a pleasantly unsettling brand of dark soul pop you just can’t get enough of.

Wayne Harper

Wayne Harper is a pop/R&B singer and songwriter from New York currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Wayne honed his craft performing in bohemian wine bars and sheik cafes throughout his New York home. Wayne moved to Nashville in 2016 to be a part of the growing pop industry in an ever expanding town: “I’m excited to be down here and be a part of that forward momentum branching out and bringing pop to such an up and coming city…”. Currently, Wayne can be found playing around Nashville at all the city’s hot spots and the greater Nashville area.




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