Papa Jack Couch & The Standard Electric Irregulars

Papa Jack Couch

Papa Jack Couch is a singer/songwriter of insight and wit. He performs originals forged over long years of two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. Emerging with relevance and thump, he brings fresh perspective to the age-old themes; life of the soul, pain of the heart. His material resonates especially with those still trying to grow into actual adulthood. With a voice of Tupelo honey over burnt sourdough, and a rhythm playing style -- on a battered ‘59 hockshop Martin -- just good enough to forestall eviction, his performances are always saved by inventive, insightful writing and an amazing range of observation.

A video of his song Hazel Eyes, by the Attic Sounds crew, was just released on, and an interview on his background has been recently published in the online magazine Voyage ATL under ATL’s Most Inspiring Stories, East Atlanta.  
For this performance he’s bringing to the stage the full band involved in his recently released record, Meriwether. Featuring some of Atlanta’s best musicians, they’ll play all 12 songs from the CD and a few bonus cuts as well.

$10.00 - $14.00


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