Papa Jack Couch & The Standard Electric Irregulars

Papa Jack Couch

Papa Jack Couch performs originals forged over long years of two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. Emerging from long years of exile with relevance and thump, with a rhythm playing style - on a battered ‘59 hockshop Martin - just good enough to forestall eviction, and with a voice of Tupelo honey over burnt sourdough, his performances are supported by songwriting which is always inventive and, by turns, both uplifting and heartbreaking.
He’s backed and inspired by the Standard Electric Irregulars, the band formed to produce their first album, Meriwether. Led by guitarist Micah Cadwell and featuring Matt Wauchope on keyboards, Mike Dana on drums and Robert Green on bass, with Rae Evans and Tiffini Rose supplying vocal harmonies, they’re an all-star group capable of a wide range of styles and sensibilities. In a review Creative Loafing’s Chad Radford describes them as producing a “one-of-a-kind musical atmosphere that borrows tone and pitch from a hodgepodge of styles ... Countrypolitan, Delta folk, and New Orleans blues.” They play with “endearing Southern wisdom ... tales of heartache, smiles, bad luck, and devotion to the Almighty ... a series of portraits of everyone from petty criminals to antagonists with ‘manslaughtering eyes’ and the desperate people who love them.”

They’re working on the next album with all new songs, Witness Tree, most of which will be featured in this show.

A video of his solo, Hazel Eyes, produced by the Attic Sounds, was recently released on More information and links to the album are at

Mary Elaine Jenkins

She’s sultry but there’s an urgency in her delivery. She’s soft but there’s a savvy edge. She’s bluesy and sharp and ironic and true to the moss and swamp of her native low country South Carolina, like she never left, except that the winding road that brought her now to Brooklyn has run through DC and Spain and apparently lands of mystery in-between because there’s a mystique about her, the voice of someone much more worldly and experienced, and more refined, than she could possibly be. So you just shut up and listen and let her take you away into smoky blue regions of desire and reflection and off-handed charm.
She’s been based in New York since 2013 but is an Eddie’s Attic Open Mic winner and a participant in the most recent Shootout.
Her latest recording is Hold Still, released in September 2018 via Good Child Music and available on all platforms.

$10.00 - $14.00


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