Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - SUNDAY PASS (3/10)

Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - SUNDAY PASS (3/10)

Sunday, March 10


THE SAMUEL PROJECT [10:00am, Feature Film, United States, 2018, 100 minutes, English] The Samuel Project is a comedic drama about Eli (Ryan Ochoa), a teenager who gets to know his grandfather Samuel (Hal Linden) for the first time when he makes him the subject of a senior-year animated art project. When the teen discovers that his grandpa, a Jewish dry cleaner, was heroically saved from Nazi capture in Germany by a young woman when he was a boy, Samuel agrees to tell his story — one he hasn’t told in more than 75 years. Eli unveils his animated movie at a county art showcase with the help of his unlikely friend Kasim, an electric guitar-wielding school misfit, and his project makes the finals. After many decades, three generations of Eli’s family finally connect with one another.


CHASING PORTRAITS [12:30pm, Feature Film, United States, 2018, 75 minutes, English] Elizabeth Rynecki’s great-grandfather, Moshe Rynecki, was a talented and devoted Jewish-Polish artist. He was able to hide his paintings with family and friends before being captured and killed by Nazis. Chasing Portraits tells the true story of Elizabeth’s discovery of Moshe’s work and her journey to piece together his legacy.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Rynecki will be in Sacramento to introduce her film and lead a post-film discussion, moderated by Donna Apidone of Capital Public Radio.


OPEN YOUR EYES [2:30pm, Short Film, Israel, 2018, 14 minutes, Hebrew/Arabic w/English subtitles] llana arrives for treatment at an eye clinic with her son Yohai. Her Israeli doctor is absent and is replaced by a Palestinian one. There is no way Ilana will allow an Arab doctor to give her a shot in the eye. Yohai knows his mother is losing her eyesight and forces her to stay and open her eyes.

ACROSS THE LINE [2:50pm, Short Film, Israel, 2017, 29 minutes, Hebrew w/English subtitles] Hananel, a young religious Jew, is hurrying home for Shabbat. An unexpected encounter with Mundir, an unwanted and stubborn Palestinian hitchhiker, leads Hananel on a series of mix-ups that eventually teach him a lesson in communication, friendship, and love.

THE 90-MINUTE WAR [3:20pm, Feature Film, Israel/Germany, 2016, 93 minutes, Hebrew/ Arabic, w/English subtitles] The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for decades, with no end in sight. Fed up with one failed deal after another, Israeli and Palestinian leaders agree to settle things once and for all… with a soccer match. Losing side must pick up and find a new homeland. The 90-Minute War reveals the often petty, ridiculous nature of the differences dividing the Middle East, and takes a fresh and hilarious lens to the conflict.


THE LAST SUIT [5:05pm, Feature Film, Spain/Argentina, 2017, 92 minutes, Spanish/ German/Polish/Yiddish, w/ English subtitles] Abraham Bursztein is an 88-year old Polish Holocaust survivor and retired tailor living in Buenos Aires. Despite a bum right leg he nicknamed “tzuris” because of the aggravation it causes him, Abraham decides to travel to Lodz to fulfill a promise made nearly 70 years before to find the Christian friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II. With its klezmer-driven score, evocative cinematography and tight pacing, The Last Suit tenders its weighty themes with a light touch that illuminates a most serious story.


THE OTHER STORY [7:00pm, Feature Film, Israel, 2018, 117 minutes, Hebrew w/English subtitles] Young, secular Jews turning to Orthodox Judaism? Cults in Jerusalem? The Other Story is the latest film by acclaimed Israeli filmmaker, Avi Nesher. More than 200,000 moviegoers saw the film in its first two weeks, breaking previous records in Israel. The movie deals with a young woman (Joy Rieger) who has become ultra-Orthodox, and her estranged father (Yuval Segal), who returns to Jerusalem to try to talk her out of a hastily arranged marriage. Songwriter Nathan Goshen plays the daughter’s fiancé and wrote the eight songs featured in the film. The movie’s theme song became a runaway hit.

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