Asleep at the Wheel String Band

Asleep at the Wheel

“Recently we did a lot of press for our new album “New Routes” and had some performances were we couldn’t logistically do the full band, so we did em’ as a “String Band” 2 Fiddles, Upright Bass and Acoustic Guitar and had a blast! We then started thinking about some of the material we could do with this lineup and got real excited. So! We decided to take it on the road! Don’t worry, AATW full band ain’t going nowhere, we just felt this would be a fun change of pace for some shows and to do something that AATW has never done before. So! Come on and check out the String Band, Katie, Dennis, Josh and Myself do some fiddle tunes, dive deep into the AATW catalog and suprises you’ll just have to come see in person!” Ray Benson

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