The Grand Tour

Adam Moore: Guitar and Vox,
John Jarvinen: Bass and Keys
Alec Wenzel: Lead Guitar
Chris Helvey: Drums and Vox

Monkey Fire

4 people that make music. loud rock music. lots of influences. very stoner rock. this will evolve.

Justin Bank

Justin Bank might pose a bit of a conundrum for music writers who like to put singer-songwriters and their bands in neat “categories" or genres.

There are a few descriptive phrases, however, that definitely fit the bill when it comes to this seasoned musician: He's a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist with a quirky-yet-infective sense of humor; and his updated roots-rock-flavored music has a broad variety of influences, but they all feel like, well, home.

That's because his lyrics tell stories of people you know, places you've been and situations you've likely witnessed — with a lyrical flow and feel that will remind you of a classic story-song, but featuring a decidedly "Americana” thread running throughout.

And if you're like most fans of good songwriting and classic country and perhaps grew up on the likes of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Big Star, the Velvet Underground and many others, you will likely be drawn in by the sounds of Bank's music, with its energetic, vintage-rock, back-to-basics feel. These tunes will inspire you and make you want to dance, take a train and soak in the scenery, or drive down that country highway just a little faster —with the top down and the stereo blaring.

It's that kind of movement and inspiration that has taken Bank and his former band mates in such groups as Southern-born SFZ, Free Love Virgins and the Royal Electric, as well as Colorado's The Beauregards to stages across the country.

A 2007 Rotary International scholarship and ensuing tour throughout Eastern France was the catalyst that drove Bank to begin playing various music venues in earnest after a multiple year hiatus from the music business. Since moving to Northern California in 2012 he is now expanding out from his Southern home to build a fan base throughout the Pacific Northwest with his ever increasing band of experienced and talented musicians.


Band Members

Peter Ruzicka - Guitars
Nancy Kirker - Vocals
Duane Dahlgren - Bass Guitar
Gary Sherman - Drums

$8.00 - $10.00


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