Tyler Lee Frush is a self taught musician equally at home writing songs by a bonfire as he is jamming out on stage downtown. Moved after listening to The Man in Black's Hurt, Frush picked up a guitar in 2006 and never looked back. Picking up the art from watching Eddie Van Halen videos, he truly is a humble talent from humble origins. In only a short time, Tyler managed to create what some call a wholly unique and simultaneously familiar sound. Using primarily only a guitar, and his voice. Frush is constantly writing and pushing his boundaries and his own expectations to further his craft. Taking influence from musical talents such as Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Wolfmother and Muse for writing inspiration and of course, Van Halen as his foundation for learning guitar, Frush has weaved a sound that sounds damn good flowing out your window while driving through the north Georgia mountains. Don't forget to see the real deal live.

Cure My Enemy

Who we are defines our music. Our beliefs and creativity come together to exalt deep grooves and hints of raw spirituality derived from our roots in the contemplative Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, and the sidewalk currents of Atlanta, Georgia. Thick head-bobbing drums command the movement. Original unique uses of guitar and bass underlie emotion that is expressed in people's lives. The vocals wrap the music up in an outpour of soulful conclusion bringing realization of who we are as people existing in the world. Groove. Passion. Deity. Love. We hit where the soul is with City Groove and Rural Grit.

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