A.O. Gerber, Precious Kid, Rosie Tucker

A.O. Gerber is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. She released her first EP, Fathers, in 2016. She's currently working on her first full-length record, which she's co-producing with Madeline Kenney.

Precious Kid

Precious Kid is what happens when 70s NYC punk collides with the textures and sounds of 80s New Wave. Think Tears For Fears in Debbie Harry’s clothing. Founded in Orange County in 2017 by singer Justine Dorsey, Precious Kid stemmed from Dorsey’s dissatisfaction with the disaffected cool of OC’s guitar rock scene. Outfitted with a revolving door of musician friends, Precious Kid has an electrifying live show and sound that prioritizes glamour and joy.

Rosie Tucker

Rosie Tucker’s songs are worlds unto themselves. They start in conversation with an immediate environment: small, detailed, characters and landscapes drawn vividly, with life and wit. Only as they progress do they reveal bigger themes. Rosie Tucker's forthcoming LP, Never Not Never Not Never Not, is due March of 2019 via New Professor Music.



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