Sync Licensing Seminar

Sync Licensing Seminar

Making money as an artist is difficult, and many musicians have the mindset that music should not equal money. In Sync Licensing, however, music DOES equal money (or it should, if you've signed a good contract). This seminar is designed for musicians, songwriters, producers, and music-makers of any kind. You will learn what Sync Licensing is (getting paid to have your music in an advertisement/tv-show/trailer/media of any kind). You will learn mistakes to avoid (who owns the publishing, anyway?) and good habits to be in (crack out those split-sheets and work-for-hires) to protect yourself and your peers. And what kind of music even makes it into this stuff anyway? Is mine good enough, and if not, how do I get there?

This seminar is meant as a crash course and by no means can guarantee you a placement in a target ad for $50,000. However, it can help you get started in that direction!

There will be Q and A's with Jim Weber and Christy Van House, who run Hitlist, a local business that has been making and licensing music for a couple of decades, and has licensed music for Target, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, Sears...the list goes on. They can brag in person.

There will also be a Q and A with Lydia Liza (including a short performance! Yay!) where she will talk about what it's like as an artist to make music for sync.

There will be lots of basic/introductory info (making this event accessible to EVERYONE), plenty of time for audience questions (highly encouraged!!) and bring some music that you'd like feedback on - we'll hopefully have time to listen back to a few songs and see what kind of platform your music could work for (music for advertising is typically quite different from music for film) and what it might need to meet the industry standards (you may be competing with a top artist for a license!).

$5.00 - $5.01


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