The Wooden Sky

The Wooden Sky

Initially formed as the bedroom project of singer / songwriter / guitarist Gavin Gardiner,
Toronto-based country-folk / indie rock collective the Wooden Sky have grown
exponentially throughout the years -- both physically and figuratively. Spanning three
records, several EPs, countless well-received tours, and dozens of collaborators, the
group's development over the past decade can be used as a measuring stick in the
Southern Ontario scene they've helped to curate and sustain. Their reverence-turnedsubversion
of accepted notions in Americana-based music have made them tireless
innovators, consistently finding new wrinkles within a genre as broad as it seems ageless.
Attaining the peerless chemistry of The Wooden Sky's current line-up wasn't easy, but
fleshing out rough ideas with dynamic band mates working together towards a collective
goal, each step has been a progressive one for the Toronto natives. With Andrew Wyatt
providing supple bass grooves and Simon Walker supplying aural texture with his guitar
arpeggios and layered keys -- and both men bolstering weary melodies with high lonesome
harmonies -- the band found themselves growing into a fully realized, collaborative unit
rather quickly. Tied together with Andrew Kekewich's subtle percussive restraint, the four
men solidified a line-up that has earned them prominence as both studio creatures and
road sojourners.
With When Lost at Sea in 2007 and If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone in 2009,
the Wooden Sky have slowly assembled a catalog of diamonds in the rough; hard-won
songs encompassing regret, dusty roads, lost souls, and urban life that have struck a
nerve with a legion of music fans passionate about the very human stories the group tells.
Determined to incorporate both the devoted and the freshly converted into their narrative,
the band have built a reputation for themselves by challenging the status quo of modern
live performance. On the Bedrooms and Backstreets Tour -- a trek that saw the quartet
playing in a variety of unusual and idiosyncratic venues, bringing them greater intimacy with
the crowd -- they shored up a healthy dose of both esteem and notoriety in Canada and the
United States. The importance of enhancing the rapport between artist and audience has
been a vital aspect of the Wooden Sky's success, earning them a familial connection with
their fanbase that transcends the mere live recreation of studio recordings.
The group's commitment to consistent reexamination and reinterpretation of their own
discography has led to a newfound depth in arrangements that extends to the highly
anticipated follow-up to their 2009 break-through album, the ghostly Every Child a
Daughter, Every Moon a Sun, via Black Box Recordings on February 28th. The key to the
Every Child...'s success is the enormous but very organic space you feel between
instruments, mingling with an open and honest form of storytelling and the intuitive
interplay between band mates. Enveloped in a warm, rich bed of support behind the
emotionally naked vocals, the dissonance lingering amongst the recording is breathtaking.
Shifting from lilting, fingerpicked folk ballads and rustic, sepia-toned country twang to
skipping indie rock and contemplative ruminations on days gone by, The Wooden Sky
create a secret world where not-quite-forgotten memories return as ghosts. On this rich
tapestry of atmospheric sounds and salvos, the past is never far behind.

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